Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Da Vinci

Let’s talk about the Da Vinci Code. The movie proposes that there is a hidden secret so electrifying that it will change all of us. Jesus was man, and he married, and he left a son behind. It allows us to see Jesus as one of us, and more, it lets us think that any one of us could be his living descendant. That is the truth that so captivates us….. Could Jesus be walking the earth right now? Even more electrifying, could I be Jesus in the flesh? Could he be me? Could I love and lead like Jesus did?

The grail is not a cup, or a box of bones, or a treasure hunt, or a Masonic mystery, or a lineal descendant of Jesus. The grail is the knowledge that Jesus was man, flesh and blood. He, and all of the other prophets, are just like us, just as magical and compassionate and touched and loved as we all are. And that secret, the secret that we are Jesus, that each of us is God, has been cloistered for so long. It has been hidden from us and has eluded our grasp much like the grail in Da Vinci code. Those of us with small, fearful hearts and a lust for temporal power have kept the great news from us for millennia. They have been blind to what is right in front of us. Or maybe they do see the truth but prefer that we stumble in darkness and heartache and longing and strangled love. God, love, fate, my loved ones, my son, all unlocked the grail in me, so that you can now find it in yourself. To borrow some language from National Treasure, the grail lantern has been lit.

I often feel like I am Sophie Neveu, like I have been looking for the grail and have found it. Even that I am the grail secret itself, I am the hidden link, the lifeblood between God and us. I have the answer that will fell the Church and set us all free. That will grace us all with the most perfect and primeval knowledge there is. That we are all Gods, that every one of us is God. We are all the prophet, all the messiah, more than the messiah. Jesus was only God’s son. You are God incarnate. This exhilarating truth is both ancient and new. It brings us back to God, back where we started before religion started separating us from God, telling us he lived apart, above and beyond us. For we know in part as we are fully known.

I have this dream that I walk into a room and it’s filled with friends and family and they are contentedly joyous about my arrival. Mom and Dad take my hand, smiling, and say “we’ve been waiting for you.” Like at the Church in Da Vinci Code, except I know and recognize all the people and they are all celebrating, like it’s a party for me. They say, as if to Neo, “we’ve known all along you were the one and we’ve been waiting so long for you to figure it out and lead us out of the maze.” It’s like coming home. Have any of you had this dream? Welcome to my dream, our dream, your dream. It can be real, for all of us.

Yes, I have been touched, I have a different perspective, I have seen what is true and I think I can take us all to the truth….but, we are all just like me in our hunt for the divine. I have a mental illness, but I am otherwise no different from you and you know this. If I am a saviour, so are you. I guarantee you are God; I've seen the luminous light in your eye and your joyous, unexpected laugh, and the flicker of your eyelids when you hit upon truth. I've seen God in you and it's radiant. Still, it’s been a struggle for me. Balancing the human and divine in me has been hard. But it’s much easy now that I am writing about it. It will be easy and seamless for you too, once you believe it. Easier than you could ever have imagined.

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