Sunday, November 28, 2010


I truly believe we are all God. Not his children or his flock or his disciples…we ARE ALL HIM. GOD IS LOVE. WE ARE ALL LOVE. Has nobody ever thought this before? Has nobody ever seen this before? Why not? Why shouldn’t we be God? Why have we convinced ourselves that we are not good enough to be God? Why do we always put ourselves last when we should be first?

Has no one ever coined the term autophilia or autotheism? Does this whole house of cards all come tumbling down when someone says “autotheism” is the same as manic religiousity? How can I say “I am God”, but let me finish the sentence before you jump down my throat and fit the straitjacket for me…”and you are too.” Welcome to my mind’s perception of reality. Welcome to the transparency dimension. Mental illness is not contagious, but illumination is.

Some other words for this belief that we are all perfect, pure, and infinite are superpolytheism, Hyperpolytheism. Billion-ism. Googletheism. Worship 6 billion people as God, plus all the plants and animals, all that has life. Even that which is man-made, that which is made from Love. The sun and the stars. All that’s every been created by Love, which is called “God” by Christians.

There are no absolutes. On the 360 degree circle that is theological variety, hyperpolytheism is right next to monotheism at the top. Yin and Yang. One God. All of us Gods. One Love. God’s love pouring through all of us. We become Him. He becomes us. It’s worship of Love, of Us, instead of something external to us like God or Allah or Buddha or Krishna as conceived in the preaching religions.

Atheism and Christianity can coexist, as can Islam and Judaism. They can exalt in their differences and in their striking similarities. You don’t have to be 100% one or the other. Stop painting yourself into that strident and suffocating box.

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