Thursday, November 25, 2010

The new view

I’d like to discuss my journey with you. I've learned things that seem like truth to me; I wonder if they feel like truth to any of you? Do they resonate with any of you? I finally feel like I am not alone, and like it's time to share and learn with all of you.

I respect all kinds of spirituality. Whether you believe in God or not, whether you love Mother earth or science, or Nirvana or Turiya, or find peace in your child's laughter or songs or movies or playing soccer….or whatever exalts you, I love it all. It is you trying to find truth in that which you believe, that which brings you health and happiness and contentment. Therefore, I find worth in some parts of all religions, all six billion different flavors. They are all expressions of your spirituality, your ethos, your core, your connection to your heart, what gets you through the day. I love that you all have faith: in something or someone, in everything or nothing. It's beautiful to me to see your minds conceiving your own personal spirituality. It is your brain providing comfort/solace to you. It is your brain trying to find love; it's your brain working on your heart, which to me is an astounding neurological feat. Frankly, both a biological miracle and necessity at once. I think evolved and evolving spirituality is crucial to our survival.

There are many diverse religions out there. We all have unique and complex spiritual needs, and we all have our own personalized belief systems to meet these needs (or I think we all should). Our own recipe, our own personal theology….as perfect and pure as we are. It’s why 6 major world religions cannot possibly suit us all. There is not one size fits all.

We all worship something, whether it is a God or a fruit fly or a vice. What’s so different about this book? I have never heard of a religion that gives you the license and freedom to worship yourself as God. Autophilia. Autotheism. You may stop reading right this second....I hope not. This new perspective sounds heretical and impossible because of millenia of being taught something different, but as I have learned, it is the beginning of the heaven epoch for all of us. Our world is disintegrating into polarizing politics and terrorism and natural disasters and an erosion of decency. We need a game changer, a wholesale renovation of our lessons about God, and I have found just that. We will explore this new view in this blog.

Why are there so many different religions but they all seem so similar? Because the prophet in all religions knew God, became God. He Rose. He had a direct line to God. He walked in love. He lived in Heaven. But like the tower of Babel, when the prophet tried to convey it to others, it got lost in translation, misinterpreted. Words alone could not convey the prophet’s rapture. His preaching was inadequate for the task, for the gift He had to give us. These prophets could not give people the feeling they had, the transparency to God. They could not bring heaven to earth. In that, they have all failed us. They could only talk about Heaven, describe it. The veiled of us tried to write about it, having never been there. They tried to teach it instead of instilling the actual feeling of Heaven. Instead of demonstrating what it felt like to walk in God-love.

Having dabbled in some variety of religions, I have found my own theology, which doesn't fit neatly into any one denominational box. I'm not wholly Christian or Jewish or Buddhist or Hindu or Transcendentalist or Rastafarian or Atheist, thought I find some truth in all of those faiths. I am just Hilary. I've pulled that which I think is true from a variety of faiths and traditions and pursuits and disciplines. I call on the Rastafari understanding of God as a living man. The Native American understanding of Love, of Mother Earth, of Nature. The Hindu understanding of the everlasting Soul. The Buddhist understanding of anti-materialism. The Catholic understanding of saints and of angels, of solemnity, and of a quiet closeness to God. My own theology, the refinement of my faith, necessarily raises questions and concerns about a variety of organized religions. I don't think any one organized religion is right. I'd like to learn much more about all of them to filter out what I think is right and what I think is wrong about each. I hope we can all be brave enough to carve our own spiritual niche.

I'll share what God sees when he looks at our world in the next post.

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