Friday, November 26, 2010

Rat race maze

The first image God showed me was this: Humanity lives in a rat race maze. This vision appeared to me as if I were above the scene, looking down on it. We are all rats running, frantic, fighting and killing for food and for money…lost, futile, worried, desperate, rushed, blind, hitting dead end after dead end. Our heads are down, our eyes are down. We won’t look each other in the eye, we just chase and chase, breathless, ravenous, exhausted. Afraid. We are four inches tall. The walls of the maze are five inches tall. From our “on all fours” perspective, we cannot see over the walls. If we could stand on our hind legs, we could look out over the walls of the maze.

If we knew how to stop and look over the walls, we would see:

Heaven, Eden, Infinite Peace, Abundant Joy, rapturous beauty and vibrant love, all we have ever dreamed of, right outside the walls of the maze. Contemporaneous with us, right next door. It’s so close that we can sometimes hear, smell, see and dream about glimpses of it from within the maze. There is no door, no lock keeping us in the maze. There is nothing keeping us from heaven on earth. It is right outside the maze and we could walk right out of the maze into Heaven if we just knew how to see. If we could just elevate, get an overhead perspective, we would see the simple solution as we looked at the maze from overhead and saw Heaven right next door. Heaven yields plentiful sun and food and safety and shelter and endless love. And no fear. No hate. No jealousy. No vengeance. No rage. No sadness. No frustration. And ironically, no need for hope. Hope is a wonderful thing when you are looking for better days ahead. But when all your fondest desires have been realized and your wildest dreams have come true, you don’t need hope anymore. You are bliss. Heaven on earth is all you have imagined, all you have longed for and so very much more. And it’s right here, in present day, RIGHT NEXT DOOR.

I’ve seen the maze from overhead, from a God’s eye view. I’ve seen how close heaven on earth is. I can see what is coming. I’ve been told how to get there. I know the way out. Would absolutely love for you to join me.

So what keeps us from heaven? Fear. Fear is the opposite of love. The walls of the maze are fear. The veil that has obscured heaven for so long is fear that we have been taught. Largely by Christianity, but also by other religions. Fear of death, fear of hell, fear of disappointing God, fear of God’s judgment, fear of sin, fear of nakedness, fear of our desires, fear of ego, fear of the unknown, fear of Armageddon, fear of judgment day. Fear of not being loved. On the other side of the veil, on the other side of fear, there is eternal happiness and supreme love.

But right now we are veiled. We live in darkness. We hurt each other all the time. Because we don’t yet love each other in the supreme love that God has put in front of us. We just don’t know how to. Heaven has not come to earth yet. When we stop fearing, the pain will go away and the love will overwhelm you. Our human foibles will become less and less. We will hurt each other less and less, and then, nevermore. Eventually, love will rule, we will have heaven on earth and the pain and misery will vanish.

How do we get there? How do we walk out of the maze into Heaven?

It involves seeing with new eyes. Lifting our eyes to light and love, using all the depths of our brain, casting aside some long-lived fears, and getting an overhead perspective so we can see that Heaven truly is right next door to the maze. It’s sort of like the Magic Eye 3D pictures from the 90’s. The image is there, buried in the picture all the time, but we can’t see it right now because the veil blinds us. You clear the fear from your mind, which unchains worry and frustration and disappointment and you can relax your eyes. You can focus. You can see clearly. Once you can see the 3D image, see this other dimension, it then becomes so easy. It’s impossible not to see it when you look again.
It looks as though the 3D image has been there all along, has been so obvious. As though we’ve always known it. (We have always known it!) Your brain’s connection to your vision works in a new way, a multi-dimensional way. You’re in the transparency dimension, the multi-color, vibrant, crystal clear heaven dimension. “Then through a glass darkly, now face to face.” 1 Corinthians 13: 1-13 is our guide, it is truth. It tells us exactly what is coming. And that is coming from me, a skeptic of organized religion. I value certain parts of the bible as vital to my own personal faith. I recognize that our religions do point us in the direction of truth to some degree and we can summon that guidance at the same moment we break free of religion’s veil.

So it's about breaking free from the fear we have been taught since birth. The fear that our modern religions swaddle us in. I know how to do it. I see what's on the other side. We are all brave and strong and smart and good enough to break free.

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