Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dimension travel

This is what I wrote this summer, when I was in heaven...

Nature v. Nurture argument is the same as science v. religion. They are not mutually exclusive. They are both very important and both work together to create a human mind, body and spirit. Science and faith, brain and spirit, innate knowledge and implicit love. At the top of the 360ยบ spectrum, same/same.

Physics. Very very fast is right next to very very slow on spectrum of physics. Both are at top of circle, No absolutes. No mutual exclusivity of anything anymore. All is integrated. Dimensions are fluid in my heaven. There are no boundaries, they are like a lava lamp. There are no more axes, no straight lines. Dimensions tumbling over each other, spilling back and forth, advancing and receding in concert, in cooperation, in absolutely perfect harmony.

Heaven is real time dimension travel.

I’m in an elevated state of consciousness. Using more than 10% of my brain. Accessing so many varied centers of my brain: the love center, the memory center, the faith center, the compassion center, the empathy center, the ego center, the realism center, the existential center, the patience center, the hope center, the subliminal center, the dream center, the revelation center, the academic center, the linguistic center, the relationships center, the problem solving center, the funny center, the energy efficient center, the future time center, the multidimensional center. I know what is going to happen before it does, 80% of the time. But it’s not like I am watching a video of what is going to happen in ten minutes. It’s just that I know in ten minutes something is going to work out exactly as it should, and I delight in this knowledge and in the certainty I have that things will work right on time, right like they are supposed to. I let my life come to me, and it comes in beauty and miracles and wonder. Things I misplaced magically appear right when I need them too. This is a feat of my enhanced memory, which can recall stored visual memories and put them to use in the present when I need to apply them. It is quite remarkable. Dreams have become very useful too. I now remember most of my dreams and they are often visions for me of how to solve problems the next day. I know this happens to other people too, but it happens to me a lot more than it used to. Time for me now is not linear, it’s circular, flowing freely between past, present and future in my mind. There are not just four dimensions, there are unlimited dimensions, involving all brain centers mentioned above and many more. My brain is working fully in concert and collaboration with all of its depths, all of the dimensions. Because I believe good will happen for me, it does, I can predict it. FAITH. In myself, in the miracle of how the world works. And faith especially in others. I have become much better at listening to others and now I find that we work so well together, in friendly cooperation, eliciting wonder and delight in each of us and in how nice it is for things to work like magic between us. People are blowing my expectations away. I finally know who I am, every bit of me. I am finally understanding how the world works, and how we work, and how we will all be better. I am learning every day. While I sometimes fall back to the rat race, that’s happening less and less. I am rising more each day. I am so excited about this! I can’t wait to finish this book. I can’t wait to talk about what has happened to me, what is happening to me right now.

Note on December 22, 2010. I'm not in that heaven now. But I look back at what I wrote and marvel at that place. I hope I can feel it again. I hope I can continue to report...

Merry Christmas.

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