Friday, December 3, 2010

The first love

God loves us so very much. He wants us to be happy and to enjoy our lives and each other, to utilize our personal gifts to the fullest. Nathan’s love of mechanics, solving problems, working on cars. My love of reading and writing and cooking.

God DOES NOT want us to do the above to glorify him. Or to be “like” him. God will never judge us for our works. He will never measure us by how much we emulate him. Ever. He is desperate for us to break through this mental morass and see him face to face. He can’t wait to be with us again. To be us. For us to see we are him.

HE doesn’t want you to worship or honor him. HE wants us to worship and honor love and ourselves, we who are love incarnate. I want you to believe in love too. It’s okay if you don’t. I still love you for all your Godliness, your perfection, your individuality, your longing, and your hope.

God loves us and wants us to love ourselves too. Loving yourself means facing pain at the hands of someone else and working through it with that person. Being honest and defending yourself, because who else will. Loving and knowing your beautiful self above all others. Protecting yourself, honoring your needs and desires, trusting your human instincts, not fearing “un-Christian” thoughts. Putting yourself first and loving yourself first is all worthy and worthwhile and unfortunately, it has been reviled by the Church for 2000 years. You are GOOD. Your instincts are loving. Christianity has convinced you otherwise. It has confused loving your neighbor with demoting and marginalizing yourself. Love of self is where we start. Any interpretation of God’s love that leaves that part out is incomplete. It’s the wrong way.

We “love” our neighbors above all else. Above ourselves. We think any ego based instinct or anything that honors our own feelings or wounds anyone else even for a minute is UNCHRISTIAN, bad, demonic, the work of the devil. It's not demonic, it's our birthright, it's how we are built; we are born egocentric but are taught to hate that about ourselves from birth. Jesus and the other prophets say "love your neighbor as yourself", but we forget the love yourself part. We put ourselves last, we shine our light on others first. We are taught to love others from our first breath, without practicing the most fundamental and glorious love first. Jesus said love your neighbor AS YOURSELF. Those are the two most important words in the Golden Rule. Jesus knew self-love is the first and best love...we have just forgotten, and now we treat our neighbors quite poorly. How can we possibly love them fully if we skip the first step?

God wants you to love, worship, honor yourself. To revel in your own Godness. To shine your light on yourself first so that others may warm themselves in your light. All of you is perfect and Godly, all of your behaviour is worthwhile. All of it is worthy. All of it is on purpose. All of it is part of the tidal wave that is carrying us unrelentingly toward heaven. It’s coming, believe me, it’s coming. I have been there and I see how close we are. We'll get there soon, all of us. If we can just shed the skin of selflessness and self-loathing and self-doubt. You are God and I love that about you!

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