Friday, January 21, 2011

The common thread, the common problem

Four things that all religions have in common:

1) All worship something or someone external to yourself.

2) All put service to others ahead of service to yourself.

3) All tell you that you could be a better person, should be a better person, need to be a better person to be happy.

4) All ask you to model yourself after some deity or prophet to be that better person and inherit the promised land.

All these tenets are wrong. Dead wrong. It's why we're still searching for the promised land. We will never get there if we keep doing the same things wrong, thinking the same things wrong. In terms of religion, there has been nothing new under the sun for thousands of years. It's time for a new framework, it's time for a total overhaul.

We haven't improved the human condition in millenia, maybe ever. Now we are ready to make the great answer all the solve all our fulfill all the untapped potential of mind, body and spirit. You have no idea how unbelievable the next epoch will be....I've seen it and I promise it will blow you away and reach your soul in ways you never thought possible. Are you with me? Are you ready? Are you open minded enough to think in a whole new way?

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