Thursday, January 20, 2011

Religious illiteracy

Heard an interesting quote last night: "America is the most religious country in the world but also the most religiously illiterate." I tend to think one is a cause of the other. The most religious nation in the world is just that because of head in the sand devotion to only one faith for an entire lifetime, a faith you do not get to choose but are born into. We shout our faith at others loudly and often because we are afraid a differing voice may sway our beliefs. If you know other religions, study other religions, attend different religious services, you lose the stranglehold grip you have on yours. You cling to your denomination not quite so tightly. Would you pick a college major without taking classes in any other disciplines? Would you marry your spouse without dating any other contenders? Would you pick a job (for life) without going on any other interviews? I think not. Then why do we bring our children up in one and only one faith and teach them to practice that faith at the exclusion of all others?

Thinking you know the right way when you have tried no other way is not devout, it's ignorant. Our children would be well served to learn about the world's religions in elementary school and be given the chance to sample a variety of services. Maybe then they will see that no one religion is the right way, and in fact, the truth escapes us all right now. Don't give up though, we have searched for the truth for tens of thousands of years and the search is nearly over. The light is breaking over this dark world. A better way is coming, and literacy and learning and listening are the keys to discovering the new way.

Happy Beer Day Arkadelphia, and Happy 35th birthday to me! Love to you all....

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