Monday, February 21, 2011

Short post...quick read

Some questions: Who or what is your God? Can you describe it? Do you believe in a God at all or do you profess not to know if one exists (or do you just not give a damn)? Is there something else you believe in in place of the Judeo-Christian God? Are there any experiences you've had that you think prove or disprove the existence of God? Are we born believing in God? Is devotion to God taught and learned or is atheism taught and learned? In other words, which came first?

I'll leave you with this: the word theology literally means "God-science" from the Greek. There's a reason for that. Thousands of years ago the study of God and science were linked inextricably. They were both attempts to understand the world and the two pursuits worked in tandem, not at odds with each other. Is that relationship between the two preferable to what we see today in this country? If yes, how do we get back there?

Keep wondering, stay curious. Be doubt-full. We'll have all the answers before long.

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  1. To discover life through pure science or through pure spirituality is simply a slower process of combining both.

    Although, it can be sped up with psychoactive plants.


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