Saturday, February 5, 2011

Way to go Nathan, you are a sage

My secular husband said something so simple the other day, it just blew me away. He, one who does not believe in the Christian God, said "whether or not you believe in God, you've gotta believe it's all gonna work out."

What religion that we know of has a clearer, cleaner, more elegant sacred text? I mean that's what we all believe from the day we are born right? You wake up each day believing the day is going to work out. You believe you won't die, you believe the sun will rise, you believe there's a point in getting out of bed. Believing that it's all going to work out is synonymous with being alive. It's inborn, in your one taught you how to think that way. On the other hand, you're not born believing in God or Allah or any other deity; you are taught those words, that worship. Strip off all the religious dogma we've been taught and try to remember what existed in your mind the moment you were born, your elemental thought: It will all work out. I will take my next breath and I will survive.

That's the only faith I think we need. Faith not in God but in the nature of things working out for the better. Faith in yourself and in your gifts. Faith in the rhythm of the that it's all gonna work out. I felt so glad to hear my husband speak of his own faith in these terms. It made me see that there can be and there is a common faith that is born, not taught. The ones that are taught (organized religions) are the ones that divide and bewilder and incite us to hate one another.

This religious, evangelical era is a phase. We are in the fretful fractured frightening teenage years of our existence. We are nearing adulthood in the human timeline and we will soon be liberated from our fears. We just have to be able to see what it is that frightens and frustrates us and keeps us in the dark....and then move away from it.

It is all gonna work out. Not just today, or over the course of your life or millenia, but all of IT. The sun is going to continue to shine and soon it will shine brighter than before and illuminate the next great epoch for us. We will all rise. I don't need "God" to keep that faith. I've seen it, walked in it, lived it. It's an implicit faith that is written into our hearts and minds in the beginning....but it's a faith that we have to be introduced again in our adult lives because it is so obscured by the noisy gong and clanging cymbal.

Random post script. Just heard a long lost song on my Itunes. Check out the "Cure-like" Your Mouth by Trip Shakespeare, off their Lulu album. Also excellent from that album are Today you Move and Down my Block.

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