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September 11, 2011

So you all know I struggle with how to convey the visions I have seen of heaven on earth to others. A dear friend helped me out last night by saying it must be like trying to explain the idea of color to a child or blind person before they have ever seen color. Words utterly fail to convey the new viewpoint until the person actually sees it. Once they see color they understand perfectly and can never go back to a black and white world. Bingo! That's a terrific analogy and I really thank my friend for taking time to listen to me, and to help me more than she knows. Like in the movie the Wizard of Oz, all I want to do is be able to switch the color on for everyone.

Because of this impediment, I constantly try to think of ways to make words work until the color switch is flipped. Thus, the verbosity. Thanks so much for reading.

I have visions of the future sometimes. Here's a vision I have had a few times that is rather frightening and may well bring the Department of Homeland Security to my door.

9/11/11 is the ten year anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. I predict that someone out there will honor the anniversary with a terrorist attack. Perhaps by the same Taliban group or perhaps by a copycat group. Where will this attack occur? Just think about what is going on in America on Sunday, September 11, 2011. The Dallas Cowboys have a home football game in the new Dallas Stadium.

The analogy is that the NFL is America's religion. By money, passion, and time spent worshiping the sport collectively, I think there is no religion out there that competes with it. While Americans splinter on all sorts of religious and political debates, we are by and large united in our reverence for football. The ever growing bloc of secularists in America may not be divorced from religion at all; they may have simply found another "God."

If we worship football, the new Dallas Stadium is the most symbolic modern day temple. A monolith of money, capitalism, outright sexiness, and devil may care pride, it gleams full tilt with Americanism. It is what many outside of America (and even inside of America) hate about the U.S. Gaudy, ostentatious, huge, and Texan. You can see the swagger and spurs from well outside of Dallas County. An attack on Dallas Stadium on a packed Sunday on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 would give terrorists the most bang for their buck. All eyes on Dallas, 120,000 captive devotees, free TV coverage. Scary, downright scary. In my vision I see an attack on the Sunday Dallas game as the feature event with simultaneous attacks going on at other stadiums around the country. The shot will be lobbed at America's jugular and will be heard and seen around the world with equal parts dismay, shock, and delight. Many out there simply do not love us (U.S.)

For the first time, America will in response engage in an all out war against the attacker. Again, who the attacker will be is unclear to me. Could be the Taliban, could be a race war, could be a technology savvy maniac acting alone. No matter, I see the potential for the beginning of the next great war, perhaps the last war. December 2012 looms large in my mind's eye.

Fate fascinates me however. Because right now we are facing an NFL strike that could suspend all games for the foreseeable future. There may be no one in Dallas Stadium on September 11, 2011 for this reason. The universe, or whatever makes the universe tick, may be delaying the inevitable attack on a bloated and self-important America (I hate to say that about us because I grew up loving, LOVING, my country, and I still have a glowing ember of faith in America) by way of the NFL strike. The events of this week in Japan, bless its heart, makes me think the spirit of the Universe, the unfolding of fate, Karma, God, Time Almighty, whatever you may call it, has a plan to bring the chaos of the modern world to a head. Let me make this perfectly clear: I do not want to see a doomsday scenario....I don't want one more life to be lost for any reason, but it just seems forewritten to me.

What gives me hope in this mad world? We can stop the slide towards mass destruction. We are absolutely the captains of our fate and can choose to avert the end of the world and protect this earth and save our children's future for all time.

I just have to be able to flip that dang color switch on so we can all see the way out, the way back to good. I know we can and will walk in heaven on earth. No doubt about that at all. It's just a question of what happens before that. And we will all answer that question together. It's sink or swim and we're all on the boat.

I'm praying (and for someone who doesn't pray that's a big statement) that my dreams rather than my nightmares come true. Naturally I don't get visions of heaven on earth without visions of doomsday as well. Still working on nudging us toward the former without the latter, gonna figure it out....

Will not let you down. Thank you again so much for reading this blog.

Love, Hilary

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