Monday, March 28, 2011

Today's Bipolar Tweets

#limitless those in mania know exactly what it’s like to use 100% of brain, am I right sufferers of #bipolar? Geniuses live at that level.

The magic pill is medication to channel #manic energy, so it’s managed without overdrugging. #limitless brain function is on horizon for all.

#bipolar scale is 1-20: 1 is worst depression, 20 is hypermania. 10 is perfect balance without too much of either, nor too much drugs, with good sleeping and easy moods and less irritability and good brain processing and productivity. Comfortable rather than exuberant #optimism. 10 is the goal, but we struggle every day, every minute to hit that balance. BP’s are not the only ones who battle for a 10….

#Bipolar medication and therapy and physical health and knowing you are not alone can get you to a 10. Bipolars out there I am telling you that you can manage this beast. You can live a life and be a wife and mother and attorney and friend…there’s a better day ahead. Do not give up hope, any of you with #mentalillness. All of you with mental illness, we’ve all got something. Future is #limitless.

Here to listen if any of you need an ear. Love you.

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