Monday, April 18, 2011

Math.....and God?

So I am always honest with you and just report the images or analogies that have developed in my brain. I don't mean to disparage what others out there think when I advocate for what I believe and for what I think is going to happen in the future. Who else is going to argue for what I think is right if not me? I hope you'll all treat your own opinions with the same high regard.

So here's the Math/God analogy.

When you are young, you hear about Math, and you realize it is about numbers....adding and subtracting, multiplying and dividing. It's a whole new way of thinking for a four or five year old and it unlocks myriad possibilities about how they understand the world. Math as a concept is like God as a concept: both are broad belief systems about how the world can be proven by empirical evidence and the other calls on spiritual proof, which we cannot see or touch, but only feel. Math is a theorem and God is a theorem. One difference though is that Math works whether you believe in it or not and God, many would argue, only works if you believe in him.

Anyway, I think Judeo-Christians, or all Monotheistic religions, are four or five year olds in their understanding of God. They have figured out the most basic of Math equations, the most basic understanding of God as has been reported to them, but have not graduated into the higher levels of understanding. They haven't even tasted Algebra, Trig, Geometry, Calculus and the exponential disciplines that arise out of those building Statistics, Quantum Mechanics, String Theory. We don't even understand how much more there is to understand. There are multidimensional templates (or infinite axes) of knowledge that arise from basic Math, from basic God, that we are only beginning to discover.

So that's how I see "God". The way he's been taught to me, as an ephemeral deity living above and beyond me...a one dimensional ghost who I can never see or feel or understand so very limited and limiting in my mind. Our concept of God as taught in mainline religions is finite and lifeless and's just basic Math. Counting numbers and memorization on a white piece of paper. "There's no logic required for basic math," as a dear friend has said. God is static because we have made him that way....we have not questioned the theorem for thousands of years, so he stays in his tiny suffocating one-dimensional square.

If we could graduate from that Monotheistic concept of God, and by that I mean see God in a whole new revolutionary way, then we could graduate to higher Math. We could perceive and understand whole new levels of the God theorem that we have never considered possible and each new millisecond of understanding would unlock untold new levels. We would stop feeling like "sheep" or "little children" or "wayward sinners" as so many religions have called us....we would no longer be 5 year olds in our relationship with God. We would graduate to the real God, and here's exactly what he looks like when you see him face to face. The greatest God you will ever know is your son or husband or sister or best friend....a vibrant lovely smart funny compassionate human with unlimited potential for love and knowledge and achievement who blows away the capacity of the current "God."

I see the world as five year olds trying to understand Math, and I feel like the professor. I can't get mad at Math, or God, as it's not the problem. It's the rudimentary way in which it has been explained that is the problem. It's the way the kindergarten teacher (organized religion) has given you only the first page of the textbook and then told you that you can never see the rest that pisses me off. I get fired up because I see the untold potential for our hearts and brains, like in upper level calculus and differential equations and advanced probability theoty and quantum physics and beyond, and I cry because we are still in the first grade and have been there for millennia. Of course there are those out there who do see God in an advanced Math sort of way...they're the Illuminati and they continue to work hard to educate the rest of us.

So there you have it, Math and God. Sister theorems in my mind's eye. There will come a day soon when they will be reunited and we will all graduate, and it's going to be a Beautiful Day.

I'll keep writing and try to stay patient and compassionate in the mean time.

Love you all and your glorious untapped potential!

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