Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dark gray matter

Just finished reading Newsweek's cover article on the Multiverse. Pretty exciting math and physics discussion to think we are just one in a billion or more universes. As Nathan explained it to me, it's the theory that there are so many universes out there that there is one exactly like ours in every aspect except our yellow lab retriever is black instead. And then another where she's brown etc.etc.etc. Anyway, I talk in this blog about us heading toward a time where math, or science, and religion become one. Used to be back in Aristotle's day that religion and science were twin pursuits with a lot more in common, and that characterization makes sense if we can step back a bit to consider it. Theology literally means "God-science" in the Latin. It's such a shame, a crying shame, that the two disciplines are at each others throats these days. Did this divergence start in the Age of Enlightenment, or perhaps as long ago as on the cross? What I really liked about the Newsweek article was it's description of dark matter, or dark energy. It's been very hard to define dark energy in scientific formulas, but it's out there for sure and it's what binds the infinite universes together (or more aptly keeps all matter in suspension so we don't collapse in on each other black hole style). The author describes it as "not clumps of matter but an invisible energy, sort of like an invisible mist that's uniformly spread through space." Right on....a scientific way to describe my own theory. I've always thought there is a network out there, a web of circuitry that links us all. Theologians would call it the Spirit I think. That's how I was raised to understand it. But that's not right, since I don't believe in the Monotheistic God. In early blog posts I have called it a love network, but it's more than that. It's your sixth sense, and deja vu, and fate and chance and the hairs on the back of your neck standing up and the phone ringing and you know who's calling before you pick up. It's magic and ghosts and prescient dreams and feeling a swell of communal pride when you stand for the National Anthem. It's the untapped love we all have in us that is waiting to vibrate like a tuning fork when it's name is called. It's not just love but also knowledge. It's all the knowledge we have ever had and ever will have, and we are heading for a time when we will all have infinite knowledge like a shared brain, not because we learn it but just because the wiring gets turned on. The light switch will get flipped. It's a singularity of thought and feeling and discourse that will end all wars and cure all disease and quell all hate and flood all the dark fissures with light. To break it down, it's like Clark Griswold turning the lights on in Christmas Vacation. The dark gray matter is already there, in our internal brains and in our external consciousness, without and within, just waiting for the wire to go hot. It will be radiant. Who flips the switch and electrifies this stellar goo? I do, when I can articulate the end of religion (as we know it) and what comes next. My struggle is simply articulating the vision.

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