Thursday, May 10, 2012

A win-win!

I am a Social Security Disability attorney. I work to get deserving people their benefits. Some clients are deserving and some are not and my job is to weed through them and work for those who truly cannot work. Many of my patients are bipolar. I naturally empathize with them and have a soft spot for their myriad problems: psychotic breaks, involuntary commitment to psych hospitals, hallucinations, deep depression, cutting, panic attacks, running around naked through name it. Today I won another bipolar case for the dearest and most deserving of clients. His mother sobbed in relief, knowing he would have some modicum of assistance when she passes on. For so many clients SSD benefits just mean they can get on Medicaid and get health insurance and medications. For others it means they can buy diapers for a child. Needless to say today was a glorious day when I feel proud of my profession and lucky that I have found somewhere to do good while living with a mental illness. Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend and take care of each other. Hil

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  1. As someone on SSD with bipolar 2 depression, I appreciate all your hard work.


God, to have these guys in a room together again....