Monday, November 5, 2012


So I've written 64 blog posts. I feel sorry for anyone who has tried to grasp my basic beliefs by wading through all those words. All the posts mean something to me but it's hard to extract the "root juices" from that much writing. So here are the 8 basic tenets boiled down: 1. There is no God above us. We are all Gods. There is no one greater than us and our human potential. 2. We are not born sinners. There was no fall from grace, no original sin. If you tell a child who can barely talk the bible story about us being born sinners, there is no choice but for him to become one. 3. You are born perfect down to every single hair on your head. You’re just taught the opposite so you see every flaw, and reveal them to others. You have been taught to be your worst critic. 4. There is no heaven or hell after death. Heaven is going to come in present day, here on earth. And soon. And WE ALL get to go, no exceptions. Heaven can only come when religion dies, and we rise above from the ashes. 5. Those who have died before us are all back here with us in spirit. A sunset, the way the wind smells, the way the sky looks, all parts of the one spirit of love and they are all trying to propel us to heaven on earth because when we finally find it all the departed get to go too. 6. "Then through the glass darkly, now face to face." The AHA moment is when you look in the mirror at God and it’s you looking back. You are the God. God, if you want to conjure him, cannot wait for us to make that realization. He cannot wait for the veil to be lifted and for us to come home to ourselves. 7. Self love is the first love. Loving others above self has it backwards. Pride and ego are not bad things. We are taught to be ashamed to love ourselves. 8. All of religion is about submitting and obeying. Even look at praying, it’s always head down, eyes closed. It wants to keep us blind and fearful and small. Submission is a chain. Why would we have all this suffering if religion was right? It’s had thousands of years to get it right, and it’s just getting wronger. Does anyone know the name for this philosophy? I've tried to identify anyone over the millenia who believes like I do, and in much research have found no match. A little Transcendentalism, a little Pantheism, a little Jah, a little Atheism, a little Dan Brownism... Thanks for reading and may you always know your exponential potential.

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